Tricerasoft: Make Money With Karaoke

April 29, 2008 by Tony Barthel

TriceraSoft is starting a new program that will put money in your pocket with NO effort on your part.

We call this our Gateway Program.

TriceraSoft is becoming one of the leading sources for LEGAL Downloadable Karaoke MP3+G songs and we would like to share in this, and future success.

If you have your own website, why not make it work for you.

The TriceraSoft Software Engineers have created customized gateways that allow you to sell Karaoke content on your website and be paid for this.

Your customers can purchase with major credit cards or PayPal and you do not have to get involved with this at all. We look after all purchases for you. All you need to do is to place the special customized link that we would provide you onto your website (Usually with an iframe) so that it becomes an integral part of your site and we do the rest.

Each gateway is coded specifically to you so that if someone purchases from your gateway, you are automatically credited for the purchase.

Click Here to see a working Gateway in action.

As technology progresses, more and more professionals and home users are going digital for their entertainment needs. You could become their source and be paid each quarter for doing nothing, or you could promote the fact that you have this on you site and maximize your payments.

About The Product:

All of our Karaoke is in the world standard MP3+G format (Created by us in the 90’s) and are zipped. Manufacturers Include: Zoom, Music Factory, Karaoke Monthly, NuTech, Sunfly, Monster Hits and more. Single purchases or Gift Packs are available at a reduced price. Your gateway will allow for previewing of songs online so that your customers will know what they are purchasing.

We even provide a FREE Karaoke player and song manager called TriKaraoke which can be downloaded from our website.

Click Here to download our FREE Player and Song Manager.

How Can I Get Involved?

Click Here to apply.

After applying, you will receive an email containing your custom gateway link along with a link that you can go to any time to see your account information and how much is owed to you.

How Much Do I Get And How Do I Get Paid?

$ 0.10 Commission per song
All commissions are paid on a quarterly basis.

Who said you don’t get anything for FREE?
We can show you how.

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