Travel Charges When Hitting the Road for Shows

March 28, 2017 by Joe Bunn

I don’t know about you, but about once a month, I have to leave my “home base” area and hit the road for a show. I used to go pretty much mountains to the coast of NC if the price was right. Now that we opened a franchise office in Western NC, I usually only go about 2 hours west and 2 to 2.5 hours east. For the most part though, I stick around what we call “The Triangle” which is Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill (and of course the smaller surrounding towns).

So what do you charge when you hit the road? At Bunn DJ Company, I charge the client $35 an hour each way. So, for example, Wilmington NC is pretty much two hours door to door. That’s two hours there, two hours back so we would add $140 to the client’s contract. In addition, most of the time I add a hotel room fee of $150 to the contract. This makes it much easier than the client trying to secure a room for my DJ and them paying for it. It seemed like every time that happened, I would stagger into a hotel late a night after a gig, ready to check in and crash, and there was some issue with the reservation. I now just add the $150 as a line item to the contract. I can get a room for that price somewhere near the venue or even drive a little ways back home and get outside of the city and get something cheaper and pocket the overage.

As for being the owner of a multi-op, when I pay the DJs Mondays, the travel money ALL goes to the DJ. So in the example above, they would keep the $140 (4 hours driving time) and the $150 (for the room fee). Now, if they decide they want to man up and drive back to Raleigh, then they just pocked the $150. I don’t recommend doing that, at all, especially as I get older. There have been way too many times with me driving up and down I40 fading out and getting out and running laps around the car, or doing jumping jacks or rolling the window up and down on a cold night. Not smart. It’s actually as bad or worse than drunk driving from what I’ve read. Just get a room, crash, sleep late and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. It’s always the better move! Now hit the road Jack!

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