Trans Humanism and Cyborg DJ’s

May 3, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

I’ve always been a big fan of science fiction and weird stuff. Recently I was hooked on a Netflix series called “Altered Carbon”. In the future our “bodies” were nothing more than interchangeable meat suits because we had discovered how to down load the human conscious and transfer it from one shell to another. A new form of immortality. Instead of having a mortgage on a house and car payments, people would pay for “skins” to continue their existence.


Does that sound too far fetched? The Trans Humanist movement has grown tremendously over the last two decades. Their goal is the integration of technology with the human body. Scientists have made remarkable strides in gene therapy and the creation of new prosthesis that can be stimulated and controlled by electrical impulses from the brain. We’re not too far away from a having a USB port or SD card slot embedded in our heads.

That would be wonderful, right? You could instantly learn any task, speak any language, play any instrument or operate any piece of machinery or vehicle. It would be like the Matrix 2.0. What do we loose though? Our individual uniqueness? Would we become more like the Borg (Star Trek folks)? If scientists can isolate the gene that made Mozart -“Mozart” and Einstein – “Einstein” and implant that in all of us, what do we become? Is it evolution or industrialization of the human species?

I’m sure you’re asking ,”What the heck does this have to do with being a DJ?” Plenty! Anything in the realm of art and music takes a certain unique level of creativity to be proficient and excel. These “talents” are so random in our species that only a few ever become masters or are considered to be great. There’s only one DJ AM or DJ Jazzy Jeff or Eddie Van Halen or Leonardo DaVinci. If anyone could put a chip in their head and shred like Van Halen or spin like AM that would certainly diminish the value of the human artistic experience. You think “everyone’s” a DJ now, wait!

We’ve already witnessed the effects processors, Koss pads and programs like Native Instruments and Ableton Live have had on the creation of music. Only fifty years ago TV studios were still employing full orchestras to play live during broadcasts. The fact is the need for studio musicians has dropped over 60% in the two decades. Everything is auto-tuned and sampled these days. Has that made the music of today better or worse? Only thirty years ago wedding bands were still a thing. Now how many do you see?

On one level it would be really cool to plug a DJ controller of the future into your head and mix music via stream of consciousness. That would be pretty trippy. Combine that with V.R. technology and you are now creating another whole level of art and entertainment (watch some of the V.R. videos by Mix Master Mike). But then again, if everyone could do it, how unique and special is it? That’s the crux of “progress”. We (humans) are always testing that line between the divine and man’s ambition. For now, I think I’ll stay unplugged.

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