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November 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

Computerized lighting solutions are great for larger applications—but not necessarily for a wedding or a plug- and-go application. For those, you need something you can physically control with your fingertips. Think about it: Your client has paid big bucks to have you provide uplighting during their wedding; if your computerized lighting controller crashes, it leaves their wedding looking like a circus, with flashing colors and no control.

Blizzard Lighting offers some new physical control options with their new Kontrol series of DMX controllers, including the SnoKontrol, the Kontrol 5, and the KlimateKontrol—all differently scaled controllers with different applications in mind.


KlimateKontrol is an up-to-32-channel, easy-use controller aimed at LED uplights and LED stage washes. In all, the user can control up to 8 groups of 4-channel fixtures, which includes a lot of Blizzard’s LED uplights and wash lights.

It features 4 faders (for a group of 4 channel fixtures) as well as fade-time, scene-time, and variable-speed strobe time controls. Of course, there are also programmable scenes (up to 8), as well as “blackout” and the ability to switch control on fixtures.

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The Kontrol 5 allows you to control a few more fixtures with up to 10 channels apiece. The programmable scenes also double from the KlimateKontrol to 15, plus there are 16 built-in chase banks of up to 200 steps each. These can be triggered manually, automatically, and by music.

The unit features 5 Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White labeled faders for easy color mixing on both your ambient lighting as well as your dance floor lighting.


Big daddy of the new line, the SnoKontrol is a 384-channel controller with 16 faders for excellent control of your uplights, dance floor washes, and intelligent lighting. In fact, you can choose from 30 banks of 8 programmable scenes and 66 programmable chases—meaning your light shows likely won’t get old to the clients, as they won’t have time in a typical event to see most of them!

MY TAKE I took the three controllers out with me to a variety of events, most notably to a few weddings (KilmateKontrol and Kontrol 5) and to a couple of corporate events (SnoKontrol)…all with astounding success. I was able, from show to show, to save my scenes and my work, meaning less prep time for me, and more time to relax before the show.

Another thing that impressed me was the contruction of these units, as they weren’t crafted entirely from plastic, as you see with many lighting controllers aimed at DJs. I didn’t need to worry as much about putting them in my gig bag, due to the solid nature of the pieces.

If you’re in the market for a new lighting controller (or you want to simplify from a computerized controller for smaller shows), then this new series from Blizzard is a great way to add Kontrol to your life.

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