Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round

September 17, 2016 by DigiGames

What you need in your trivia business is some sort of unique factor. This is not only to appeal to the person hiring you who is going to pay all that money to have you run a trivia event in their location (and hopefully bring in plenty of business along the way) but also its too entertain and satisfy your customer base. The more interesting and unique it is the better.

You may find what I am going to say a little bit unnecessary but believe me, from my vast experience…it works wonders. I am talking of course about not only the topics to include in your quiz but also the way you name them and the way you run them.

If every single week you do the same overarching quizzes with the standard round names of History, Geography, etc then people will get bored. I did start off with the intention of having a mammoth post of all subjects but decided that instead we will run this through a series of posts looking at ways and ideas in which you can really spice up each round.

Let us start with the Geography Round –

Topics for Trivia – Spicing up the Geography Round – The Problem?

Geography is one of those subjects where trivia hosts can easily take the lazy route. How many quizzes have you been too where week in week out the trivia host always asks about the same set of subjects…..a question on capital cities, a question on rivers, a question on flags….it soon starts to bore. But geography trivia is one of the most interesting subject and one subject where you as a trivia host can be really creative.

Read the rest of this at and find out more about Geography Rounds

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