Top 5 Songs that Every DJ Can Play to Bring a Crowd to Tears

June 25, 2019 by Mobile Beat

DJs have a lot of power when they are in front of the crowd and making people hang on every note of a song. That’s why DJs need to have a great repertoire of songs that they can bring out to work the crowd. For those musical artists that are going to be employed at a wedding or other place where tender dating is happening, there is a need to have some really weepy songs. Here are five modern songs that any DJ can play to bring the room to a standstill, make people speed-dial their exes, or long for a hug.

“Hello” by Adele

The first song has to go to the queen of breakup music herself, Adele. The song “Hello” is so famous for its ability to make people stop what they’re doing and reminisce about lost love that there are memes and videos about it. Even SNL had a go at the song to show the potency with which it can make people remember the good and bad times that they had with relationships. However, the song’s slow beat and meaningful lyrics will bring the dance floor to a halt and send people into each other’s arms.

“Stay” Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko

Another breakup song that has such stinging lines as “The reason I hold on / ’cause I need this hole gone” will definitely lead to some people to remember the aches and pains that come with a love life. The song is made all the more beautiful by the duet between Rihanna and Mikky Ekko, sweeping in and out and swinging while a simple and monotonous piano plays in the background. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of music to this piece, but it’s definitely a sad one.

“Elastic Heart” – Sia

Anyone that has had a rough relationship will feel this song as Sia belts out a massively sad song. She sings “I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart/ but your blade it might be too sharp”. In other words, she’s open to love, but some people just cut too deeply to be able to make a relationship work. Anyone that had to cut someone loose will feel this one deep in their bones.

“Love Yourself”- Justin Beiber

Sometimes, you aren’t going to get over someone and be happy about it. That’s what “Love Yourself” is all about. “If you like the way you look that much/ then baby you should go and love yourself”. If you love yourself so much, then go and be alone with yourself. It’s a harsh message, but one that a lot of people need to hear.

“Stitches” Shawn Mendes

When you know that you’re a person that relies on your partner for love, a break up can be devastating. That’s what “Stitches” is about. It’s a song that says “I’m tripping over myself/ Aching begging you to come help /And now that I’m without your kisses”. It’s a little more upbeat than some of the songs on this list but it will still make people think back to the person that they need to keep them stitched up.

Music has a profound impact on the way that people interact with each other. One of the ways that this is the case is being able to bring a crowd together to revel in their tender feelings. Each of these songs is newer and more applicable to a modern audience, but they still pack an emotional wallop. The next time a DJ needs to make the crowd stop and think for a minute, these songs are the way to do it.

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