Top 5 reasons you need to control your online Brand

November 1, 2016 by Cyndi Lemke

There are people talking about you whether you are controlling your Brand or not. Just think of the reviews, photos and conversations going on without your business being highlighted! It is important for you to control your Brand so you can command and control your online presence. As a DJ in thisSelf Control industry it must be about your customers. No, they won’t always be happy but don’t you want the chance to address an issue if that’s the case? Her are 5 reasons you need to manage your online presence:

  1. Mentions: whether your customers are telling everyone how amazing you are (and I know you are) or if there was an issue, with a business page you would be able to thank them and/or address any issues. Not to “mention” with your page being tagged you will gain exposure to all of the friends and family your customers are connected to
  2. Message: You need to control the message of your Brand, your Business. As a DJ, you are an entertainer who needs to manage any and all interactions. You should be responding when appropriate to ensure your audience knows you care, recognizing customers when they can support your efforts and addressing any conversations that may or may not affect your business. Posting relevant content is how you will control the message you are sending for your business.
  3. Reviews: This is essential for repeat and referral business. Think of way to encourage your customer (and their connections) to write a positive review about your skills, the event and your overall service. You can reach out at the time of the event when they are having an amazing time, email to follow up within 1 week of the event and even 30 days out to remind them. You may have to hold their hand but this could make a huge impact on your future business. You learn from mistakes, we’ll call them opportunities for growth and move on. Always address bad reviews with follow up and try to make right ASAP within reason. If you are communicating with your customers through the event from prep time to go time you’ll have plenty of positive reviews.
  4. Brand Recognition: As a DJ you have to create your own Brand. A logo for your company is essential but that could even be your picture, your business name or colors you use that become consistent with your message. Using your Brand with every post is key and you can do that on your own with the Buffer App that offers Pablo, an online content creator. How do you want to be remembered for your business? When you make that decision, use that every time.
  5. Referrals: Referrals are an extremely effective way to grow your business because they come by trust. A recommendation from a trusted friend, family member or connection goes a long way. When you’re a DJ, you have more connections than you realize. Some DJ’s aren’t comfortable asking customers for referrals; They feel it’s an awkward favor to ask of customers who pay for services. As a matter of fact, these conversations can go a long way towards strengthening the relationships. You are reaching out and asking for their support to grow your business shows that you too have respect for them, this builds trust and creates a new opportunity. Asking for referrals must be done at the right time with the right delivery.

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