Tony’s Playlists: Twenty Perfect Contemporary Country First Dance Songs

October 19, 2015 by Tony Schwartz


This week’s playlist is country first dance songs and it comes by request from a bride and groom looking for a contemporary country love song for their First Dance later this summer. Their only request was a song that was released within the last six years. And it just so happens that Country music is actually one of my favorite genres, as it is one of the few genres I actively listen to on a daily basis.

So, I popped the top off an ice-cold Bud Light and racked my brain for contemporary country love songs, taking into consideration that a few selections from 2009 had carryover appeal to 2010 – such as Brad Paisley’s “Then”. The following are the twenty selections I suggested to them.

As always, this is not a definite list, and all of these songs charted as hits. If you have a wedding playlist question or request, please submit it to for consideration!

Now, on to the list, y’all!

Hunter Hayes – “Wanted”
Definitely the most popular First Dance selection on this list. Nevertheless, if you love the song, use it!

Zac Brown Band – “Whatever It Is”
A genuine mid-tempo song from a musically talented band. Told from the viewpoint of the male narrator who can’t quite articulate his feelings, because when he opens his mouth all that comes out is “I Love You.”

Eric Church – “Love Your Love The Most”
One of the best artists in the genre right now, Mr. Church shows off his softer side with “Love Your Love The Most”. For some grooms, this song may describe them to a T.

Lady Antebellum – “When You Got A Good Thing”
This is a great song with both a male & female viewpoint. The first time I remember playing it was at Sean & Brittany‘s wedding in 2011. You may elect to fade out early as the last minute and a half, the band just lets loose.

Lee Brice – “I Don’t Dance”
Perfect for the groom who probably will only dance twice the entire night, with the second time being the Mother/Son Dance. It’s pretty incredible what amazing women can make us men do.

Blake Shelton – “God Gave Me You”
Number two of the three biggest country first dance songs on this list. This will be a timeless love song that will be played at weddings for decades to come.

Brett Eldridge – “Mean To Me”
I’ll be honest: the first time I saw this song’s title I thought it was going to be about a woman that is mean to him. Quite the opposite in the context of the song.

Kip Moore – “Hey Pretty Girl”
Number three of the top three biggest country first dance songs. “Hey pretty girl, can I have this dance?” is also a great opener. Try it sometime.

Dustin Lynch – “Cowboys & Angels”
A song that compares the personality between cowboys and angels. Fitting for the right country wedding couple.

Blake Shelton – “Mine Would Be You”
Gentlemen, what’s your best day ever? Your finest hour? Your wildest dream come true? It’s probably the one you are dancing with.

Thompson Square – “If I Didn’t Have You”
A perfect country first dance song for the couple that relies on each other, needs each other.

Brad Paisley – “Then”
Okay, I lied. There are four timeless country love songs on this list. This is the fourth one. There is also a piano version which is worth a listen for those non-country weddings that love the lyrics to this song.

Darius Rucker – “History in the Making”
Hootie croons about being in the moment for one of those unforgettable moments: falling in love and starting a “beautiful ride that will never end”.

Uncle Kracker – “Smile”
For some couples, they might want something a little more uptempo. This is probably more described as “pop country” but it’s none the less a song that will play at wedding receptions at some point in the evening for years to come.

Justin Moore – “Til My Last Day”
Apparently, the male narrator has had a rough past. But then this girl came into his life, and despite his history, she has changed him for the better. And he’ll love her till his last breath. Another uptempo country first dance song.

Jason Aldean – “Big Green Tractor”
For the past decade, Jason Aldean has cranked out hit after hit. Most of his songs are party/drinking songs. But for those that are HUGE Aldean fans, this song will work for your first dance.

Luke Bryan – “Play It Again”
Like Mr. Aldean, Luke Bryan has also been cranking out hit after hit. But it wouldn’t be right to not include a song from the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year on this list.

Chris Young – “Who I Am With You”
Another tough guy singing about his appreciation for his better half. Chris Young is underrated as an artist.

Thomas Rhett – “It Goes Like This”
This is probably my favorite song on the list.

Brad Paisley – “Perfect Storm”
Like Blake Shelton, Brad’s best hits as of late have been his love ballads (although “Crushin’ It” may change that). Regardless, if you’re a Brad Paisley fan, it might be hard to choose between “Then”, “Perfect Storm” and “She’s Everything” for your country first dance song.

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