Tony’s Playlists: 10 Garter Toss Songs You Might Not Have Considered

September 8, 2015 by Tony Schwartz

The garter removal and toss is quickly becoming one of my favorite formalities of the reception to help grooms pick music for!  For my clients, we are selecting up to three songs – one for the invitation of eligible bachelors to the dance floor, one for the removal of the garter from the bride, and finally, a song for the toss.  I feel three songs really enhance the atmosphere of each “element” of the garter removal and toss formality.josh-collen-garter-toss-songs-high-cedars-2

Often, I tell my grooms that this is their moment where they can select any song(s) they desire, with no veto power from his bride.  Let me say that again: GARTER TOSS SONGS ARE TO BE PICKED BY THE GROOM, AND ONLY BY THE GROOM.  The only exception to this rule is if I can’t find a clean version to their song(s).  Other than that, its the groom’s choice but try to avoid cliche selections like Queen’s “Another Bites The Dust” or Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.  (Not that there is anything wrong with those songs – other than the fact they are overplayed and not really unique.)

So, without further ado, here are 10 Garter Toss Songs You Won’t Hear At A Wedding (But Should!):

Kanye West – “Slow Jamz”
Perfect for the removal element – not so much for the toss or invite.

Inner Circle – “Bad Boyz”
Perfect for the invite and/or toss.  Not so much for the removal.

Guns ‘N’ Roses – “Welcome To The Jungle”
From experience, guests cheer when it plays for the removal, I guess its ironic? 😉  This is a great song that can be played for the entire garter toss sequence, if you so desire.

Bill Conti – “Gonna Fly Now”
Perfect for the invite – name a man that hasn’t seen Rocky.  I don’t think one exists.

Tim McGraw – “Real Good Man”
Looking for a country song for the garter toss?  This right here is a good one – especially for the removal part.  Josh Tuner’s “Your Man” is also pretty sexy.

Ginuwine – “Pony”
R&B.  Sexy.  Your bride will love it.  Also consider Keith Sweat’s “Nobody” or Next’s “Too Close” for 90s R&B throwbacks for the garter removal song.

Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin’”
This hit is making a comeback.  Perfect for the invite or toss.

Offspring – “Pretty Fly For A White Guy”
Every guy I know that was a 90s kid knows and loves this song.  It’s hard to mix in during dancing – so this is a great time to incorporate it!

Rush – “Tom Sawyer”
Dudes that rock like this song.  Dudes like Rush.  It probably doesn’t “make sense” but the intro is dope, and it works for the invite or toss.

ESPN – “Monday Night Football Theme”
Or any sports theme.  And I know a great way to enhance it and take your garter toss to the next level.  You’ll have to be one of my clients to learn about it, though :).

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