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June 25, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Tom Talks Audio

And Gives You A Chance To

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This month, Tom is talking Tips, one that he wants to deliver himself, and another from a good friend and guest demo DJ at our shows, Johnny Aftershock. Tom’s message to mobile entertainers is this: don’t overlook the advantages of putting your show on an SD card!

“Sure it may take some getting used to, and working from a card may take some getting used to, but once you do the benefits are so great, you’ll wonder what took you so long. An SD player like the American Audio Dual SD Player With Mixer is a great investment in your career.

“Using an SD player gives you true mobility, which makes moving from gig to gig easier and frees your mind for things other than transporting a lot of stuff. Plus, with an SD player you won’t have to concern yourself with external hard drives, or worry about losing an expensive laptop. With our SD player there is no complicated software to learn. There’s not better way to give yourself freedom of mind and freedom of movement, so you can take your performance to new heights.”

Now, here’s a cool tip that came to us from our friend DJ Johnny Aftershock about placing speakers to bounce off walls in venues that aren’t typical when it comes to the shape of the room. DJ Johnny Aftershock recently did a wedding at a beautiful facility here in southern California, everything was lovely, but the reception wasn’t in one large hall, but in a series of rooms, and the facility placed some restrictions on where he could place his speakers. So, here’s what he did.

“I have some rocking American Audio Power Speakers and 15’ sub. They look great and produce a great sound. These speakers are workhorses and have never clipped on me at any event, and I pump them up quite a bit at my events! At this gig, JoJo, my sound guy configured things so the sub was pointed at the wall. This lengthened the throat of the horn so we got an extra 3dB of bass. This made up for a very weird schematic that we had to adhere to that day, as far as where the facility’s management wanted the DJ’s set up at. Also if you couple the bass bottoms together, you get even more dB. I’m sure a lot of you guys already know that already – but I wanted to share it.”

Got Any Ideas On Audio To Share???

Pretty much any topic is fair game for Tom’s Audio Tips. You don’t have to use brand names in your tip, even American Audio’s. In fact, we’d prefer it if you didn’t. We’re just looking for genuinely helpful audio advice that you can offer to help your fellow DJs take their performance to the next level

Your tip can be any length you want, but we’d prefer it if you kept it to under 150 words. Tom will be listing one tip at the end of his future Tom Talks Audio columns. (We reserve the right to edit tips that appear in the column.)

If your tip is used, you will receive 200 American DJ Advantage points and receive an American Audio shirt or similar item. At the end of the year, we’ll have a drawing to select one tip at random. If yours is picked, you’ll receive your choice of headphones from American Audio (available from our stock at the time you win) worth up to $150 in value (MSRP). We’ll also post your photo and name in the ADJ NewsWave — so you’ll get glory as well as prizes.

So, please share your pearls of wisdom with us and the rest of the DJ world. Entering is simple, just email your tip to us, along with your contact information to our editor Jennifer Ramirez at the following email address:

You can enter as often as you like. There is no deadline. Tom plans to be including a tip at the end of his column as often as possible in his never ending quest to elevate the art of mobile entertainment. We’re waiting to hear from you…

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