Tom Talks Audio: Small Rack Essentials Can Make A Big Difference

November 24, 2010 by Mobile Beat

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make sure your rack is in top shape. Never one to allow a good opportunity go to waste, Tom Freret says that the holidays are an ideal time for mobile entertainers to drop a few well chosen hints to loved ones about affordable rack essential gifts that will make their performances and lives go better.

We’re all a little tired of getting ties, cologne and sweaters that we hardly ever wear, but why should we ask our loved ones to give us rack essentials?

“Asking for rack essentials is a win-win: you’re loved ones don’t have to spend a lot of money; rack essentials are generally under $100, but they’re getting you something that you can really use – and something that will make your life easier the whole year through.”

Why don’t mobile entertainers get these rack essentials themselves?

“They do, all the time, but like most things that fall under the “essentials” category, whether they’re DJ gear or some other type of product, these basic items are the kinds of things that people can easily overlook. Everyone gets excited about buying a hot new revolutionary product like the American Audio VMS4 Digital Work Station, but who’s going to feel that way about a gooseneck lamp? Yet if you have a lamp that doesn’t work during a gig, it’s a disaster! This is why it’s good to put essentials on your holiday gift list.”

You mentioned gooseneck lamps, we assume American Audio has those in its Santa Bag of Mobile Entertainer gifts?

“We sure do; the American Audio GNL-14 is a 14-inch flexible gooseneck light that makes it easier to perform in dimly lit areas. It fits the XDM-242 and 352, and the XDM Commander. It comes with one lamp and has a 12V DC BNC connection, and its price is only $21.95.”

The gooseneck lamp helps me perform in a dark area, but what about other rack essentials that make it easier for me to see performance variables like my decibel level?

“In those cases our dB-Display makes a great gift for $89.95. This is a great way to get a quick view of your decibel level from your amp rack. It has two display modes: dot and complete bar and input sensitivity adjustments for the left and right channels that allow it to match your systems exact needs.

“The display on this product goes from green through amber to red; so it creates a real light show in your amp rack. Plus it’s very compact: (1.75 inches long, by 19 inches wide by 1.74 inches high) so it fits nicely in amp racks. Since it weighs only 2.5 pounds, it’s easy to transport too.”

Of course, a lot of us think of racks as our power control center. What do you have in the way of power product essentials?

“I would urge DJs to check out our PC-100A Power Center. A must for every DJ, this is an 8-switch 19 inch 1 r.m. on/off A/C power center that makes your life easier by eliminating extension cords and messy wires. Its front panel has 8 lighted switches and a resettable circuit breaker. The back panel has eight 120V 3-prong plug sockets. It also comes with a 6 foot power cord.”

What size is it?

“It weighs 4 pounds and measures 19 inches by 2 inches and 5 inches. Its maximum load is 15 amps or 1800 watts—and its price is $35.95.”

What about power distribution?

“We have the PDP-850 – Power Distribution Panel, which sells for under $80 and features seven 3-prong power plugs along with pop-up lights, seven protected switched A/C grounded outlets. The dual LED pop-out lights have a dim control knob. Another cool feature is the 20A breaker protection and there’s a USB input on the front panel.

“If you are looking for a bigger power distribution panel you can try our PDP-950. It also has seven 3-prong power plugs and pop-up lights – and there’s a convenient line voltage meter.

“All of these essentials can make a big difference in the way you feel and perform on stage, and all are affordable gifts that any mobile entertainer would love to receive. So my advice is to suggest that your loved ones pass over the sweater shop at the mall and go on over to your local American Audio dealer to get a gift that you – and your audience will appreciate all year long.”

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