Tom Macari: Master of Manhattan

July 15, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

The most common and widely used (basic) definition of a mobile DJ is a person who plays music and makes announcements at an event while having to bring all the gear necessary to do so. Those events generally run the gamut from weddings to proms to milestone events and corporate gigs. Skill levels and add-ons aside (photo booths, lighting, etc.) this is what we DJs do.

But suppose I told you there are DJs who travel the world, work really cool events and don’t have to lug a truck full of gear everywhere? Would you believe me? You should. DJ Tom Macari (mah-car-ee) is one of those people in our industry that has carved out a very unique niche. I met up with Tom in Manhattan at the Hudson Hotel, on 58th Street near Columbus Circle. The Hudson has an eclectic feel to it. An old brick building with real ivy covering the atrium and two cool bars. The Library, with huge bookcases, leather-back chairs, a cozy bar and an over-sized Victorian pool table in the middle of the room. The background music had a kind of indie rock jazz vibe. The other side is sports pub / coffee lounge hybrid space with long couches, weird chairs and a huge fireplace. This space serves double duty on the weekends as a small nightclub. Tom used to spin there early in his career.

Mike Cordeiro: Hey Tom, thanks for sitting with me today. So you used to actually spin here in this pub?

Tom Macari: Yeah, it was a cool club back in the day. I remember doing a Halloween gig here. It was crazy. The company brought in a ton of decor and lots of shot girls covered in neon body paint. It was quite a night.

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