Todd Mitchem’s Journey to Leadership

August 20, 2016 by Mobile Beat

Todd Mitchem has been part of the national DJ industry for over 15 years, with a club and mobile DJ career even before that. He made his big return to the industry at MBLV20 this past March and has now been announced as the week-long MC for MBLV21, coming up next March (

“I wanted to get into DJing back when I was probably about 16 or 17 years old back in the ‘80s,” says Todd, “but it was a much different time than it is now. Of course, when I started in ‘89, right before I graduated high school, it was a different world. You were carrying records and cassettes and it was a different universe with big speakers and equipment.172-1213

“So in the late ‘80s up to about ‘92, I was working mainly in a college town and DJing a bit. I built a small wedding DJ business back then and it was really focused on interacting with the audience, so it was a lot of fun. Then I went to Chicago in ‘92-’93 after college and started an interactive comedy show called Comedy You Could Dance To. Every 15 minutes we would do something else that was incredibly interactive and humorous and contests, and in between we’d play music and fill the dance floor and create an environment like that. Throughout that time, I was DJing weddings and corporate events, and that led me to Universal Studios. I ended up at Universal Studios five years later and opened for acts like Britney Spears and the Beach Boys and Chaka Khan and all these crazy acts in the ‘90s.”

Todd then moved into corporate work, with leaders and leadership training. But it was the skills he learned as a DJ that turned him into a great speaker who could control the audience. In 2001 he found his way back into the DJ industry speaking at Mobile Beat Las Vegas and the Mobile Beat Summer Show in Orlando.

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