To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

June 9, 2009 by Andy Ebon

… is probably the wrong question.

I must admit I been infused with a heavy dose of Seth Godin logic. It comes with reading his books and blog, and understanding his perspective. His angle is consistent. Ask different question. Suggest to his readers that they ask different questions.

So when one of my business friends posted the title, “To Blog, Or Not To Blog” on a private message board, I could help but suggest, “Perhaps that’s the wrong question?”

Just because blogging is almost free, in terms of hard dollars, doesn’t mean it’s easy. If you are not a natural writer, you may spend more time per post or have challenges with subject matter. At a lecture last week, I invoked the quotation: “Anything worth doing well, is worth doing badly at first.” (Ben Franklin, I think).

FACT: A well-crafted, well-maintained WordPress blog, that lives on your website server is perhaps the greatest search engine optimization tool, around, today.

The benefits of engaging customers, prospects, industry peers and media are tangible and incalculable. Actually, not entirely incalculable.

Another FACT: The longer you wait to blog, the more run-up time you give to your competitors.

One of the most important facts of life is: Don’t kid yourself.  As my friend likes to say: “It’s a no-brainer.”

The answer to the question: “To blog, or not to blog?” (as part of my wedding marketing plan) is, indeed, a no-brainer. There are other good question to ask, but from where I sit, this isn’t one of them.

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