Tips To Grow On Part 1

October 11, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

In 1993 I attending New England School of Broadcasting (now New England School of Communications) and at the time the school was in transition, going from a one year certificate upon completion school to a 2 year Associates Degree of Science in Broadcasting.  My class was the “pilot” program for that school into the Associates Degree. Our president George Wildey always told me that I was blessed because I didn’t have the “Maine accent” which meant that I could work anywhere I wished and not be pigeonholed to Maine or other New England states for work.  

Tip:  Don’t be afraid to be the guinea pig on an idea.  You never know where it might lead. Had I not agreed to be part of the pilot program my life would’ve turned out a lot different.

I attended with hopes of becoming the next beat writer for the Boston Red Sox and that was my goal.  The beautiful thing about our school was that every single teacher was either still working in their field of announcing or sports writing or advertising or were recently retired from it.  This gave us students a real world advantage to get ahead in our crafts from the expert teaching of those still in the business or recently removed. Or so we thought. The problem became when my dream of being a sportswriter was paired with our local sports anchor who taught our sports announcing class was GREAT at his job as a sports anchor on our local NBC affiliate but absolutely COULD NOT teach sports.  

Tip:  “You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes…you get what you need.”  🙂


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