Tips to Build Your Following & Your Business, Part 2

June 29, 2017 by Jason Rubio

Thanks for checking out part 2 of “Tips to Build Your Following & Your Business!” Now that you’ve done your research, marketing and created a website and social media sites, it’s time to learn more about what to do while you’re on the job! Yes, there is more to being a great DJ than simply showing up and playing music!

Build Rapport & Relationships

Building a rapport and relationships is key to success as a bar/club DJ and as a mobile DJ, too! It all starts with putting your ego aside! You can’t be the typical DJ with the ego, who just mixes all night, doesn’t say a word to anyone (other than necessary announcements), and doesn’t want to be bothered (ego). Put your ego aside, and go talk to EVERY guest at the bar and get to know the staff. The guests may or may not be there because they follow you. Even if they have no idea who you are, they will definitely remember you once you talk to them! Remember, most DJs don’t take the time to do this. This is what will make you different and help build your following.

Play long songs and go meet/greet every single person there! Stop by, shake their hand and thank them for being there! Take the time to chat with them. Even a simple: “Hey, my name is ____, thanks so much for coming out tonight! What’s your name? Are you celebrating anything or just hanging out?”  Learn their name, learn something about them and remember it! Write every single person’s name down and send them all a shout out on the mic.  If you have a bar tab or reduced drink prices, use it for the “regulars” who show up week after week! Buy them a drink; they’ll appreciate it! Long story short, get to know them and be a friend to them!

Building these relationships means creating an atmosphere where people are comfortable and have a good time! Pretty soon, more and more people will stop by and bring more people with them, to see their DJ friend! I met a lot of really awesome people over the years doing bar events and I am still friends with many of them! I must stop and give credit to a DJ, who I worked with, DJ 2DQ, who’s also from Austin, Texas. DJ 2DQ does exactly this! He understands the power of relationships and built a long, successful DJ career as a radio DJ and bar/club DJ, on this very principle.

For mobile DJs, building relationships is quite different from bars. In my next article, Part 3, I will discuss how building rapport and relationships works with clients and how it helps with getting more bookings! Stay tuned for next week’s article!


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