Tips for Getting More Tips

December 20, 2017 by Joe Bunn

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you get tipped after a gig and sometimes you don’t? I’ll do parties that I think are terrible and get $300 cash after the event and then I’ll rock a massive wedding to ashes and get blanked. I still can’t figure it out. However, I do have a few tips to share that may lead to you and your DJs getting more tips!

1-Add it to the contract. Just put in a line at the very bottom. ALL CAPS IF YOU WANT. Something like this, “Gratuity is NOT included, but 10%-20% is customary if your entertainer did a great job.” They might not have the contract when it comes tip time, but at least you planted the seed early on in the booking process. 

2-Have a swiper handy. How many times has someone said, “I would love to tip you, but I didn’t bring any cash or my checkbook”? Voila! Whip out that PayPal or Square swiper and tell them kindly, “I take cards!” In other words, make it easy for someone to give you a gratuity!

3-Get paid at the event. This one we don’t do. We get paid two weeks in advance. Did it hurt our tips some? Possibly. But it also cut down on us having awkward end of the reception moments and trying to track down which parent or who paid for the wedding. But, if you do still collect the balance at the event. Present them with a final invoice there, sort of like the bill you get at a restaurant. Break down your services and then add a line for gratuity. You could even list out what would be the 10, 20, 25% amounts. That makes it really easy for someone to add a tip on the spot!

And one final point. Whatever you do as a DJ company owner, NEVER take any portion of your DJ’s tips. That’s just ridiculous. They busted their butts for that money. 100% goes to them.

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