Time to take the Limbo To A New High

November 24, 2009 by Mobile Beat

It’s time to take the limbo to a new High (or low as you would think with limbo contests), with the Limbo To Go. Most DJs carry around a dowel rod or one of those collapsable limbo sticks or inflatable ones but this is on a totally different level. This is a quick assembling heavy duty metal unit that comes in a small bag and is perfect for the truly mobile DJ. The stands on the side that hold the limbo stick are like tent poles in that they fold up but they stay together in one unit (4 pieces adjoined that snap together), snap in place and then go into their base. The whole unit goes together in less than a minute, or as demonstrated on their online video at limbotogo.com under 45 seconds. In development also is the next generation of Limbo To Go, their Glow unit with LED lighting powered by batteries so you can take it even further.

Limbo To Go is making it’s industry debut at MBLVX this looks like a fantastic unit, a review piece is on the way to the Mobile Beat Headquarters right now. Check it out at the MBLVX nighttime events or on the exhibit floor. If this was available back in 2007 when Chubby Checker graced our conference stage doing the Limbo Rock, we would have been so set!

If you want to check it out before the show, go to LimboToGo.Com

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