Time the Wedding Planning Switch

April 11, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

Wedding DJ’s have advantages over other industries:

-You don’t have to create the need for your services.
-The booking will be made within a finite period of time.
-The decision process is often emotional, impulsive, and can be greatly influenced by the right presentation and sales approach.
-The first time wedding couple is uneducated consumers and wants guidance.

wedding_planIn areas of the country where there is a more pronounced change of season, there are dominant wedding months. And as marketers, we need to focus our efforts on the most optimal time to do wedding promotions.

The largest number of engagements takes place between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, which generates a great amount of wedding planning activity and interest. On the other hand, the month of December is often slow because people are distracted by the holidays.

The best strategy is to think about when the majority of wedding couples in your area will be the most motivated to take action and finalize services for their wedding.

Here are some seasonal trends where the planning switch gets turned on:

After New Years: there’s a tremendous surge in activity because couples who stopping planning during the holidays need to resume planning for their spring weddings. The busy season continues throughout the first half of the year but usually wanes after April.

June: this month is vital for fall weddings and some brides who are getting married the following year will strive to accomplish planning throughout the summer.

During July and August: most brides are not tuned into wedding planning unless they have a wedding coming up in the near future.
After Labor Day: the ‘back to work’ mentality also applies to wedding planning.

November: Like June, wedding couples will have a “get it done” mentality and want to get things finalized before Thanksgiving, anticipating they will be too busy during the holidays.

Be mindful of these trends in your short and long term marketing and outreach initiatives. It will help you maximize responses from potential clients.

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