Three Things That Matter More Than Being a Good DJ

June 2, 2016 by Jennifer Reitmeyer

As the owner of a DJ business, but nMobile Beat - tablet earbuds notebookot a DJ myself, I’m always amazed at the attention and care that disc jockeys put into their performances. Their dedication to their craft is absolutely something to be admired.

That said, for DJs in the weddings and private events sector, I’ll make a bold statement: there are at least three things that matter more than your song selection and mixing skills. A lot more. Cultivating your skills in the following three areas will help you take your mobile DJ business to the next level, and stand out from your competitors in a whole new way.

1. Your listening skills.

I think DJs tend to be among the most undervalued, least respected pros on the vendor team, which is ludicrous considering the impact they have on an event’s success. Good DJs possess a wealth of knowledge not only on music, but on how music makes people feel and behave. Unfortunately, their eager to share their knowledge, and to see their clients reap the benefits, sometimes translates into a lack of listening. They’re more often on send than receive. Good intentions aside, this practice only adds to the negative DJ stereotype, and if you’re engaging in it, I guarantee it’s affecting your relationships with your clients and with other vendors.

To take your DJ business to the next level, you need to blow people away with just how much, and how well, you listen. It means letting wedding couples shower you with their own special snowflake music knowledge – and for you to be completely open to what they like. That means being patient with planners when it comes to the event timeline, even when they’ve developed it without your input. It means really hearing what guests and other vendors are saying when they approach your table or booth, without giving them the brushoff.

When you’re passionate about what you do, it’s hard to sit there with your mouth closed and just take in everything that’s being said. Trust, though, that you will have the opportunity to apply your expertise, and to use that expertise to create the best experience possible for your clients and colleagues. I promise they’ll be more open to it when they’ve felt heard and understood.

2. Your diplomacy.

This goes hand-in-hand with your listening skills, but diplomacy is taking it to the next level. It means you’re able to interact with people with sensitivity and finesse. (Believe me, this is a rare quality, but so very important in a great event DJ!)

A diplomatic DJ maintains his composure when bombarded with ridiculous requests or when an event schedule completely goes off the rails. A diplomatic DJ offers sensible ways to handle introductions and formalities when there’s more behind-the-scenes family drama than a Jerry Springer episode. A diplomatic DJ is the voice of reason when others on the vendor team aren’t familiar with the concept of teamwork.

Being able to put on a smile and choose your words carefully – and effectively – when you’re screaming on the inside isn’t easy, but being able to do it differentiates you from almost all of your competitors. Self-control is something many, if not most, people lack, yet it’s desperately needed when you’re heading up an event team.

3. Your consistency.

Have you, the owner of XYZ DJs, truly defined what the “XYZ DJs Experience” entails? If so, have you explained to your team exactly what this means?

If your answer to either of these is “no,” you’re missing a rare opportunity to distinguish yourself from virtually everyone else in your market. It’s only by defining exactly what you create (for your clients, their guests, and the rest of the vendors) that you can then create a plan for creating it consistently.

When you, and every DJ who works for you, shows up to every event and puts on the same quality of performance, with the same great listening and the same sense of diplomacy every time, that’s powerful stuff. It builds more trust, and can earn you more referrals, than just about anything you can do. Other vendors know they can recommend you to their clients, because they feel safe that you’ll protect their reputation by delivering the same great experience to every client.

Consider how you can create a consistent professional image for your business and brand, and a “signature” performing style that can be associated with that brand, and you’ll find clients come to you hungry for that experience.

Most DJs out there are happy to spend their time on the latest tricks and techniques. Differentiate yourself by shifting your focus to other things that matter, and watch how your business benefits.

Jennifer Reitmeyer Jennifer Reitmeyer (5 Posts)

Jennifer Reitmeyer is the owner and president of MyDeejay, a mobile disc jockey firm serving weddings and corporate events in the Washington, DC metro area. Operating since 2003, the company has earned virtually every award in the event industry, maintains a perfect five-star average rating on WeddingWire with nearly 800 reviews, and services approximately 400 events per year. Jennifer is also the founder of WeddingIQ, a wedding business blog, and provides business and brand consulting services to mobile DJs and small business owners in a variety of industries. Join Jennifer at Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2017 for her featured presentation, “Consistency is King: Why Building Brand Integrity is So Important, and Exactly How to Do It.”

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