Three of the Best Ways to Promote Your DJ Business

November 26, 2018 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Building a successful DJing business is about more than raw talent and having an ear for a good beat, as you’ve probably worked out yourself. There’s an awful lot of legwork that goes into creating a viable company behind the scenes, and it’s this aspect of the profession that so many struggle with. 

It’s no surprise really. Although almost all of us are capable of carrying out basic business dealings, being self-employed doesn’t come with a handbook, and there are a lot of skills you first have to teach yourself if you want to do well.  

To help you out, here are three of our top tips for promoting your business and building a successful brand. 

Create a business website


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In our 21stcentury world, the first place people look when they’re searching for something is online, and that’s why it’s vital for any business to have its own branded website. This needs to be three things above all: easy to find, informative, and simple to use. On that second point, certain information needs to be included as standard, most especially your location, the area you cover, the services you offer, and your contact details. The former and latter can be a little more complicated to get right, but with a good website builder and some professional help if your budget will stretch to it, you’ll soon be set up and ready to go.     

Utilise social media platforms


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Once you have a business website to work from, you should consider your other online personas: namely, your social media platforms and presence. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram all offer great opportunities to get your name known and your business out there. They’re the more personal side of your online brand, so where you can, use them to build a rapport with your audience. Rather than seeing them as a purely promotional tool, we recommend utilizing your media as a means of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise instead. Share interesting articles, post videos and photos from your previous events, and ask your clients to give you shout-outs to help spread the word about what you can do.   


Share special offers and promotions 


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Although we don’t advise seeing it purely as a marketing tool, your social media can also be used alongside your business website and other efforts to push discounts and promotions. These are a good idea for any enterprise, being that they’re one of the best ways to attract a new and interested audience, so have a think about what you could offer would-be punters. The casino industry is especially useful for providing inspiration if you get stuck, given its widespread and historically successful marketing practices. If you take a look at one of the many directory type sites out there, you’ll see providers promise everything from the chance to choose from different no deposit sign-up bonuses to money off and more. It doesn’t matter what format your own offer takes, so long as it entices people in.          


Owning and running a successful DJing business is no easy task, and it requires an awful lot of work behind the scenes if you want it to take off. That said, this makes it entirely possible for those willing to put the effort in to achieve their dreams, and with our three top tips to help you, you have the perfect place to start. What are you waiting for? Start building a bigger and better business today!   

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