Three Elements of a Strong DJ Business Brand

July 3, 2016 by Jennifer Reitmeyer

Three Elements of a Strong DJ Business Brand - Jennifer Reitmeyer for Mobile BeatIn a previous post, I wrote about the importance of brand consistency for your DJ business. I can’t emphasize enough the need to take time to design your brand with intention, and to ensure it’s applied consistently in everything you do.

Before you can do those things, of course, you need to know what your brand entails. Three important elements of your brand are the aesthetics (the “look” of your company), the persona (the “personality” of your company) and the perception (your clients’ and colleagues’ beliefs and expectations about what your company will deliver).

Your brand aesthetics include the design of your logo and tagline; the imagery, color palettes and fonts you use in print and online; the words and phrases you use to describe your business in your marketing; and the physical presentation of both your gear and of yourself, the business owner, as well as anyone working for you.

Your brand persona is made up of the qualities and traits your business seems to exemplify. Perhaps your company is known as fun-loving, energetic, “the life of the party.” Or maybe it would be described more as low-key, unobtrusive and “behind the scenes.” Keep in mind, this isn’t a judgment of your value or your professionalism. Rather, it’s just an indicator of the kind of personality you’re projecting (and, probably, a clue to what kinds of clients will be most likely to book you).

Finally, your brand perception is actually determined by the opinions of others. What do people believe to be true about your business? What kind of service are you known for? How do you and your team make people feel when you communicate with them and when you perform for them as a DJ?

When you’re perfectly clear about the aesthetics, persona and perception you want to be associated with your brand, you’re ready to begin the process of bringing all of your marketing into alignment with that brand. Next week, I’ll be sharing all the random places that branding inconsistencies like to hide, and share my tips for representing your brand the same way, all the time.

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