Three (3) Different Ways To Make Your DJ Intelligence Quote Generator Work for YOU!

August 28, 2009 by Robert Starkey

Even if you’re against pricing online, read this…

In speaking with many DJs, offering your prices online seems to be a preference of choice which, varies from company to company.  I want to take a moment to share with you “Three (3) Different Ways To Make Your DJ Intelligence Quote Generator Work for YOU!”

1) Pricing Up-Front: To do this, including your pricing alongside of the package/option description. This allows a potential client to add the pricing up themselves if they choose to not submit any information.  This then allows you to know that any leads you DO receive will be higher qualified and likely to book, as the Price Objection is no longer an issue.

2) Behind the Scenes Pricing: This is the manner in which this tool was created to work – The customer provides their information, selects the package that best fits their needs, adds some options, then upon submitting is able to view the quote in real-time on screen even having the system send a copy via email to them just as fast.

3) On The Call Quoting: For those that feel they wish to only provide a price AFTER they have spoken to someone – this solution is for you.

Simply bookmark the Quote Generator form in your favorite web browser.  Then, when a caller calls in, you will have all the questions to ask (event date, time, location, etc) on the screen, you can then discuss packages with them while your selecting the agreed upon package on your computer, click the tick box to send a copy of the quote to the customer via email – and at the same time, the system triggers off your customer auto-responder which might say, “Thank you for your call – it was a pleasure to speak with you today…”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT — [submitted by Jeffrey Mufson, a DJ Rebirth Member]:   Have you thought about doing a take-away pricing structure?  You can see an example of this which I created to re-iterate Jeff’s idea, as found at

The Quote Generator is only one of over a dozen tools offered by DJ Intelligence.

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