The Wedding Coordinator: A DJ’s Best Friend?

August 8, 2017 by Justin Reid

I was recently at a regional DJ conference and was quickly reminded of how much a lot of DJ’s can’t stand wedding planners and coordinators. One of the speakers made a quip about the wedding planner and there was a collective groan. I always find this disdain very puzzling. “One of the best referral sources, you can’t stand” I thought to myself. Look, I’ve worked with some coordinators and planners in the past that I didn’t care for, but I’ve always tried very hard to make them feel like we are on their team and that we want, what they want. After all, our job is to provide the best service to our couples.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve been DJ’ing weddings for 20+ years and I know what works better than these planners and coordinators that are a lot newer to the business.” Maybe you’re right, but I can guarantee that if you are butting heads with another wedding vendor on your clients’ wedding day, you are probably not providing the best service you are capable of. To avoid these types of issues and to help build a stronger network, I would encourage you to reach out to several of the planners/coordinators in your area and offer treating them to coffee or lunch, especially if you know you have a shared wedding in the future. This type of one-on-one networking may feel uncomfortable, but I can assure you that it is a great way to build a relationship with others in your area and working together will go much more smoothly.

Once you’ve built a network with the ones you click with, it inherently weeds out the opportunity to have to work with the ones that you don’t love working with. That said, there is a caveat with this. If you are working with the same people all the time, it can be great for immediate business, but in my market, new coordinators and planners are popping up all the time and you can potentially alienate yourself in a way that lessens your potential for more referrals from the new crop. Another benefit to this approach, is the ability to reduce the amount of money you spend on advertising. I have been able to cut way down on the money I spend through traditional forms of advertising, and have been able to redirect some of the money to taking care of those who have taken care of me. A personal gift to someone who has sent you business goes a long way. When you’ve treated them that well, they know will do the same for their clients and guess what, you will get more referrals.


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