The VMS4 Velocity MIDI Station

February 2, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Tom Talks Audio
The VMS4 Velocity MIDI Station

This amazing 4 channel MIDI controller isn’t available quite yet, but Tom Freret, the National Sales Manager of American Audio is so excited about the VMS4 he wants to talk about it NOW! Tom took a few moments out of his busy schedule to give us this sneak peek at the VMS4.

Why are you so excited about the VMS4?
“There are a few reasons. First, there is nothing like it on the market, especially at the price point we’re offering it at. Second, aside from being unique, it really is a great performance too. Not only does it make your life easier as a performer, it also offers you many more options, making you more versatile. It’s the tool that DJs everywhere have been waiting for.”

How long will they have to wait?
“It will be out very soon – within the next 90 days.”

You mentioned the VMS4’s price point – what do you see it selling for?”
“The street price will be under $500. When you consider what you’re getting in this 4 deck solution that’s an amazing deal.”

Any examples of what DJs will be getting with the VMS4?
“It’s got 4 channels, 2 jog wheels, an on-board mouse pad, MIDI assignable touch strips, and it’s Tracktor software ready, so its goes far beyond your typical MIDI Controller. There are so many features in this product that you’d expect to find in controllers costing 3 times as much.”

What kind of things?
“One that comes to mind is the upgradeable Innofader cross-fader option. You find the Innofader product in the best professional gear. It’s a buttery smooth, responsive and strong cross fader, and for it to be on a mixer at this price point is unheard of. This is the first MIDI controller that I know of that allows an Innofader upgrade.”

Setting features aside for a moment, how will DJs use the VMS4?
“One of the really cool things about the VMS4, which has both MIDI and analog channels, is its tremendous versatility, so there’s no end to the way that DJs are going to benefit from this product. They can use it with their computer or they can use it just as a mixer without hooking it up to a computer.

“They can also use it with 4 x4 or 8 x 2 sound cards -and it can control music and video. It also has two mic channels with illuminated on/off switches and gain/treble/mid and bass EQs – how many controllers at his price point can say that? Wedding DJs are going to love the fact that it has the two mic channels, because it makes hosting a reception a lot easier.

“Another cool feature of the VMS4 is that the mouse pad is built right into the system so you can do all of your selections right from the top of the unit.”

What about the MIDI features of this product?
” As I mention earlier, it has long life MIDI assignable touch strips, plus two 10-bit resolution pitch sliders, 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches, 4 assignable rotary encoders, 34 assignable rotary encoders, 5 assignable linear fader controllers, dual MIM controls on all buttons and switches, so it’s very robust as far as MIDI functionality is concerned.”

Aside from all of the performance features, the buzz on the NAMM Show floor (where the VMS4 was shown for the first time) is that this is a very user-friendly product. Is that true?
“The buzz is correct. This product was designed with real-life applications in mind, which is what makes it very user-friendly. For example, it’s got illuminated knobs, which is kind of nice when you’re performing in dark venues. By the way, all of its audio control faders, knobs, switches and buttons are smooth to eliminate popping, wiper noise and zipper noise.

“We put a lot of thought into the big things and little things when developing the VMS4 to make it a great performance tool. I can’t wait for it to come out – and once they get it in their hands I’m sure our customers will understand why I’m so pumped up.”

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