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July 12, 2015 by DigiGames

If you have been playing, hosting and taking an interest in Trivia for some time then you are bound to general-mills-canada-rained-out-600-79635-300x225have face questions on those pesky TV Commercials. We all hate them, they always get in the way of our viewing pleasure but as a serious trivia player and, more importantly in this context, as a trivia host, they are well worth paying attention to. We have looked so far in this blog at the potential and benefits of using Music rounds and picture rounds, but the one problem you may have with those is that it doesn’t make your quiz unique. In trivia nights around the world the hosts are using picture rounds and “guess the song” music trivia, but if you truly want to make your trivia nights stand out then try something different and this is where the value of TV Commercial Trivia comes in.

How to get content for TV Commercials Trivia?

Here is one example of a good source for trivia question  – TV commercials.  You many even consider TV Commercials Slogans. Here is a TV Commercial Quiz.  Now, these sources are just text questions with no video but this is very fun to utilize with a regular trivia round.

Getting actual TV commercial video is a bit more trickier to obtain.  Of course, you could record the commercials with a video recording device, but it would be much easier to download them from YouTube.  There are a number of options there.  For example, you can do a nostalgic game with TV commercials from the 60’s and 70’s.  Or, funniest TV commercials from the 2015 superbowl.  Or Best TV commercials of all time.  Once you have your video clips, then simply edit out the parts that give away the answer.  So, when using well-know commercials that everyone has seen a million times, simply edit a 5 second portion of the commercial and players have to identify which product the commercial advertises.  A good simple video editor is Goldwave.

Firstly, let’s begin with a few simple bits of guidance. When I am talking about the value of TV Commercial Trivia I am not talking about an entire night on the subject. That could be potentially boring and put off serious trivia players. I have never seen a quiz advertised where it was ALL about identifying TV Commercials and will never see one because as a subject it is not enough to justify. However, the value of TV Commercial Trivia really comes when you use it as a round of the entire trivia night.

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