The Unique Selling Proposition Is Still King

January 7, 2010 by Andy Ebon

Business Business Building Strategy #4Ten Business Building Strategies To Start The New Year: Tip #4

Advertising education has always focused on the concept of the Unique Selling Proposition. The element that makes your business different or better than its competition.

It’s helpful to be aware of your competition; however, all too often we react to what our competition is doing and how it affects us. The goal should be to turn it around and get out in front of the competition.

purple cowMarketing Guru, Seth Godin, has redefined the Unique Selling Propositionin new terms: the Purple Cow. A Purple Cow is a business, so remarkable, that it clearly stands apart from its competition. It’s clarity of purpose, identity, and execution are focused, clear, and perceived as superior by the marketplace.

Defining your business superiority with descriptors such as: great customer service, is a muddy differentiation, at best. Being the biggest, in business the longest, and other such claims sound good, but don’t truly carry much weight with the marketplace.

Strive to be THE benchmark in your field and market.

Your company’s identity and Unique Selling Proposition should be clear, obvious, and memorable in your business community and to your peers.

Your company should be the standard by which other competing businesses in your market are measured.

What you doing to absolutely put your business in its own league?

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