The Triple A’s of DJ Success By Rick Brewer

December 6, 2012 by Rick Brewer

146-253In working one on one with thousands of DJs (and having been a DJ myself) I watch and pay attention to what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work with mobile entertainers. I have found that there are three necessary ingredients to be successful.

Let’s face it; Many of us, while having a great background and training, do not have the opportunity to look from the outside in at other businesses on a regular basis. If and when we were able to see success in action, we would no doubt employ those methods, techniques that have proven themselves.


The first and most crucial of the three ingredients is action towards that which makes us money. While this seems fundamental, many DJs simply do not put enough emphasis on this step. Herb Keller, the founder of Southwest Airlines had a singular measurement for new ideas were brought to him, that is, does this idea/concept help us to become/maintain being the leader in low-cost air travel? When this rule was applied, it would eliminate 95% of anything that passed by his desk.

The one standard I want you to apply to your action step is this: Does it add directly to my bottom line? When you apply this rule, you will find that much or most of your time spent is not hitting this standard. I preach about the concept of marketing and how you need to spend the majority of your time marketing in your business as this draws in prospective customers. Without customers, the best equipment in the world will sit and gather dust.


By abilities I mean the compententices that will help you in making money. Again, if you are the best mobile entertainer out there, but nobody knows about you, your Saturday nights will be filled with reruns on TV rather than giving guests the show of a lifetime. It is crucial that you become a competent and even expert marketer and salesperson. Focus on the money-making options and you will be able to better yourself through the terrific training out there. In fact, I dare say if you are not going to Mobile Beat, maybe that is where you should start investing in ways to improve your marketing and sales skills.


Without the attitude that the business is out there, you simply will not act. You need to know that brides who buy are out there and looking for what you provide. In fact there are more potential matches to what you have to offer than your business can handle. By having the attitude that your perfect customer is out there waiting for you to find them, you hit the ground running each and every morning. Without this attitude, it becomes easy to get lost in the minutia of your life that don’t make you any money.
All three of these components make a powerful whole. Without action, having a great attitude and fantastic ability will bring the same result as having a lousy attitude. And if you don’t know how to close a sale, all the marketing techniques in the world won’t be of use. Focusing on each of these crucial three areas will not simply help, but will thrust you forward in finding more success.

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