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May 27, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

Summer is almost here and wedding season is in full swing for most of the country. The majority of us have jam packed calendars between events and meetings. When DJ’s get busy, forums get even busier. I belong to several forums (public and private) that cover all sorts of DJ related topics. For the most part, these forums provide a wealth of good info and tips. Unfortunately, some of us forget that the main purpose of forums is to share ideas and help each other get better at our craft.

After a spending any amount of time reading posts, strands and threads on various forums a few main personality types quickly emerge over and over. Some are very helpful and others not so much. We’ve all read those posts that leave us shaking our collective heads. DJ’s are a unique and eclectic bunch after all. Here is my take on those personality types. The names below have been changed to protect the innocent and high light the guilty (smirk).

The Positive
DJ Tech Guy – usually very helpful at providing solid info and instruction on how to fix any gear related issue.
DJ Rescue– always available to bail or help another DJ out with anything.
DJ Knowledge – great at providing insight and guidance with performance, client and event issues.
DJ Set Up (good)- posts pictures of different set ups to help teach DJ’s how to overcome obstacles in unique venues or environments. Inspires us!
The Not So Positive
DJ Set Up (annoying) – posts pictures of event set ups simply to feed their ego. Why do I say this? Easy, every picture is accompanied by the same caption;”Hey guys, what do you think of my set up?” (Hint: ask your client, not us)
DJ Hijack – takes every question posted on a forum and makes it all about them, “hijacking” the thread.
DJ Meme – never actually comments or posts anything helpful. Just randomly inserts memes into every thread.
DJ Police – comments on every comment of every post, correcting everyone.
DJ Last Word – has to have the last comment on each post. Period.

The fact is we’re all equally guilty as much as we are helpful. We try to offer good info on the forums, but sometimes we just can’t resist the urge to be a little negative or naughty. Remember, it’s not about the size of your trussing, speakers or mic stand. We all have lots of shiny lights (squirrel). If this article made you laugh, great, you get it. If this article made you mad – reread it (smh).
DJ Last Word: Yeah, true that!
Me: (ugh)
DJ Last Word: I heard that!

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