The Theme is the Name of the Game

July 23, 2015 by Rob Ferre

Last time we talked about how to fill your summer calendar with weekday work from events at malls to pool parties. Now that you have booked the event, you need to give them a show. I often like to suggest some ideas to the event planners and coordinators so they know they aren’t just hiring me, but my expertise as an event professional. Collaboration between you and your planners sets you up for success and ends with people lining up to grab your business card at the end of the event.

A recent event I just did at an outlet mall was very successful due to the marketing by the mall but I also believe due to the great theme. The theme for the event was Super Heroes. They hired me along with Spider-Man and Captain America. I am pretty sure all the kids were there to see their favorite super hero and not DJ Rob. But once the photo opportunities were over and the crafts were made what do they do next? That’s where I come in. Music, dance, and games structured around the theme of the event made for a great entertainment experience for the kids and their families.

I had two hours to entertain these kids and their families. We had kids make their super hero masks and take photos with the super heroes. What I did was make it a Super Hero training academy. I took the games I had already established and created new games by changing the names and the objects. I normally do musical hula hoops and I call out a color and the kids receive a silly band as a prize. The way I restructured the game was instead of hula hoops they were “circles of strength” and the silly bands were their “power ups.” Just by adjusting the name and concept I made the game relevant to the event theme.

The choice of music is also critical to making sure that the theme stays intact. I like to play music that is current and what the kids know. I kept it upbeat and more in the electronic feel. Some of my go-to songs like “Happy” by Pharell or “Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor didn’t really work but songs like “Levels” by Avicii or “Derezzed” by Daft Punk fit the bill better. I also like taking songs from Super Hero movie soundtracks that kids may know, like “Immortals” by Fall Out Boy from Big Hero 6.

You can make your games work for almost any theme, but figure out how you can tweak your games to make them fit. Or you can just invent a completely new game. Make sure the music is relevant to the theme. Lastly, make sure you dress the part. You don’t have to buy a costume or anything but maybe a fun hat or t-shirt related to the theme. I bought myself a new Captain America t-shirt from Walmart for 10 bucks and felt right in place.

So before your next family-oriented or kids’ event, think about the theme and incorporate your music, your dances, your games, and your event set-up into one one cohesive presentation. Until next time!DJ Rob Ferre Super Hero

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