The Singing Thing

May 6, 2017 by Steve Sharp

I had no intention of becoming a karaoke host. I’ve been in the D.J. business since before anyone really even thought of it as a business, and have done a lot of different things, along the way.

In 2004, I was brought in to do product rep work for Hercules brand of D.J. controllers, at a time when there were very few controllers in the marketplace. Through this, I got familiar with Virtual D.J. One of the most remarkable things about Virtual D.J is that it plays not only almost all of the major types of audio files, but also almost all the major types of video files AND MP3+G karaoke files. With the combination of software and hardware, three different, formerly separate, types of DJ-based entertainment could now be done with the same gear (with the addition of video screens, when needed): audio, video and karaoke. So, my Hercules marketing pitch included suggesting that, when going to a computer-based DJ system, have at least a small library of karaoke files on your computer .”just in case.” having a singer might suddenly enhance a party. Having such capability this easily available would certainly belong in any DJ’s toolbox to enhance a party.

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Steve Sharp is a veteran of mobile, clubs, and radio in Southern California. He’s driven to deliver for his clients, both his private clients, and business clients, which also include representative stints for D.J. manufacturers, such as Hercules, Denon, and Virtual D.J.

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