The Secrets of DJing The Perfect Wedding by Jason Parkinson – Book Review

September 29, 2015 by Mobile Beat

bookresizeThis book that I found advertised on Facebook is a great starter book for DJs and should be standard reading for any wedding DJ.  Yes I said “great starter” and “any wedding DJ” both together there.  As a wedding professional that has personally DJ’d over a thousand weddings and whose company has done thousands of them, I learned a couple new ideas and was reminded/refreshed on others that I should be doing.
Jason, the author, is an experienced DJ professional who has done his time in the form of Djing the actual events and working with a team of DJs in their training.  He has laid out the basics in the first section and in the “Secrets” second (larger) section thrown us all some extra idresizeeas to be considered.

This graphically well laid out book includes nice pictures and a great layout that allows it to be a quick evening read while chilling on the couch, and then keep it handy digitally in your kindle library to reference later.  The first section with basics even has is it color coded in each section like “Basics of Cocktail Hour” that you can look quickly up what you need to know.  While the basics are very basic, it still gives you a nice overview of what should be happening at the time, what the DJ should be doing and what music should be “in the air” at that time.

Wedding Secrets “The Tricks To Make You The Best Wedding DJ Ever” might be overstating it as a title of the larger second section.  It’s advice about using certain times to network with vendors during cocktail hour for instance, providing a printed timeline to all vendors and other quick pieces reminded me of some of the things I used to do and need to be doing again at events.  Many ideas fit within the Randy Bartlett “1% Solution” ballpark of things to do, as you see he has learned from many other professionals in the industry.

In addition to organizational and production types of things about how to do this and that, he also goes into structure of playlists and musical requests and looking back on it, I find that my style does follow this structure already, so I must have been doing this right. The last section I wanted to note was his Ice Breaker Secrets – “Easy Ways to Encourage Dancing” reminded me of some things I used to do like the YMCA Bridal Party and other ones I hadn’t thought of.

The ebook purchase also includes an audiobook version of “Secrets” and what Jason calls his Field Kit.  It includes music lists (similar to the Mobile Beat Top 200 sub-charts), planning forms and my favorite part of it, the dinner music sets that I’m going to take and record a mix of each of them for usage at events right away.

Check this kit out at and get it, whether you are new to weddings or have hundreds/thousands under your belt.

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