The Second Most Important Thing When Hiring DJs for Your Team (It’s Still Not Experience!)

June 22, 2016 by Jennifer Reitmeyer

The Second Most Important Thing When Hiring DJs for Your Team - Jennifer Reitmeyer for Mobile Beat

Last week, I wrote about the most important criterion for adding a prospective DJ to your team. Today, I’m sharing something that’s a close second, something you need to ask yourself when considering whether to bring on someone new:

What’s their motivation?

In other words, what drives them to not only want to do this work, but to do this work for your clients, as an agent of your company? What’s at stake for them?

Just like when I discussed character traits last week, there’s no one “right” answer – the best motivation for new hires is going to depend on what you, the owner, want from your team. Some business owners want to bring on DJs who are super hungry – they’re energized, they’re ambitious, and they want to make DJing their full-time career. Others choose to stick with part-time DJs, who are seeking a second source of income or a creative outlet.

Whatever your preference, the important thing is that you hire DJs whose motivation aligns with your needs as the business owner, as well as the volume of work and growth potential you have available to them.

For example, if you envision a team full of high-achieving, loyal DJs who are willing to set down roots within your company, you need to have plenty of gigs available for them and a clearly-defined path of career advancement (such as pay increases and additional responsibilities). You’ll also want to ensure you’re providing opportunities for ongoing training and improvement, something that will benefit your company now and serve your DJs in the long term.

On the other hand, if you do the majority of the legwork for your company and just need warm bodies – okay, capable warm bodies – to cover some gigs, you can probably get away with offering relatively competitive pay and leaving it at that.

No matter how talented or personable someone is, it won’t do either of you any good to bring on a person whose motivation isn’t the right fit for your business. You’ll be wasting your time in training and managing someone who won’t be part of the team for long (and you may find yourself wishing you hadn’t divulged so much about your company to a potential future competitor), and you’ll be wasting the time of a DJ you can’t put to good use – not to mention possibly burning a bridge with an up-and-comer in your field.

Again, the key is to ensure you’re bringing on people with the kinds of goals and needs that match what your company is able to fulfill. That’s essential to cultivating team loyalty and to reducing your headaches as the business owner.

I’ll close by mentioning that, once you’ve assembled a team with the right kinds of DJs, your work is far from done. It’s important that you focus on operating the kind of company, and being the kind of leader, for which your team wants to work. Put yourself in their shoes and think, “What would make me feel valued, appreciated and empowered?” When you can answer that, and deliver that to your team members, you’ll be well on your way to the strongest DJ team you’ve ever had.

I’ll be sharing more about creating a strong company culture for your DJ business in a future post, but in the meantime, allow me to get in a quick plug for my soon-to-launch disc jockey consulting services, in which I’ll be offering custom training and coaching for event DJs. I’m currently accepting beta testers at super-discounted rates, so get in quick! Read more about my DJ consulting here.

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