The Riviera Supremacy

August 4, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro


I recently went to see the new Jason Bourne movie. I am a big fan of the series and thought jason bourneit was extra cool that some of the action scenes involve crashing through the Riviera gaming floor. Watching a SWAT vehicle slam through the southeast entrance and a bunch a slot machines was pretty cool and brought back a lot of memories of my first experiences with Mobile Beat at the Riviera. It wasn’t the shiniest property on the strip, but it had a cozy feel to it, like a comfy pair of shoes.

Riviera BorneI started thinking about all the celebrities I met like Ted Dibasio, Montell Jordan, Tone Loc, Humpty, Sir Mixalot and sooo many more. I remember partying at the top of “The Riv” with Warrant, the Village People and jamming on stage with Naughty by Nature. Having the opportunity to speak with them one on one and ask questions was priceless. These experiences definitely pump you up!

Meeting celebrities and music stars is a big highlight of Mobile Beat conventions, but the best memories I have are of witnessing some amazing seminars by Mark Ferrell, Randy Bartlett, Peter Merry and a host of other super talented professionals in our industry. Having Breakfast with the “Game Master” Scott Favor each morning before the seminars and watching a few Super Bowl games with friends from across the country in the British Pub. I still think the Pats should have crushed the Giants!
The best thing about Mobile Beat conventions are the endless opportunities to grow your business. Everyone is approachable. The friendships I made and the knowledge I gained attending those conventions at the Riviera are still impacting my business today. I am always baffled to hear local guys say that they want to improve their businesses, but won’t attend a Mobile Beat convention. Why? Seriously folks, for the profit from one wedding you can get your pass, hotel room and airfare. The memories and tips- Priceless!

The Riviera is all gone now and the convention center is building something new on the site, however, the great memories will always remain. The 2016 convention at the Tropicana this past March was unbelievable. Seeing old friends, making new ones, meeting John Taffer and RedFoo and hanging with Keith Shocklee were just some of my personal highlights. Taking my family to the Grand Canyon was just amazing. The 2017 show will be even better. Invest in yourself and your business. Get your passes early before they go up this fall. Think about it.




Hey, someone blew up my hotel!

Hey, someone blew up my hotel

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