The Risky Six

June 3, 2017 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Like all the knowledge and skills that people learn, fear of failure is also learned. And as you age, you gain more and more mental constraints. Those mental constraints remove creativity and replace it with yet more fear.

Fear is perceived risk; it is learned, and it can be unlearned through practice. The ability to overcome fear—to combat fear—is like a muscle. It can be trained and can get stronger through exercise. Through deliberate practice, you can become courageous, and harness your fear to take informed, intelligent, and potentially lucrative professional risks.

Fear is an extremely powerful emotion— and thus, an extremely powerful motiva- tional tool. When facing fear, the normal response is fight-or-flight. Flight is to let the fear and the worry take control of your mind. Fight is turning fear into a positive risk management response, forcing you to focus and actively do the best to overcome the present situation.

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