The Right Stuff – By Jason Weldon

May 27, 2013 by Jason Weldon


I was reading an chapter in a book the other day and it got me thinking…How much do we actually practice? How much do we practice anything that we actually do on a regular basis? Many of us might practice mixing, or playing the piano, but do you practice the things you do every day in your business life?

I, for one, know that I don’t make time to practice the things I do on a daily basis. I just don’t have the time. I do what I do and then move on to the next task at hand. And I know that has to change. I generally just get up and do my day. Well, actually, my day does me. My day usually tells me what is going to happen. And that pretty much leads to the same results from the day before, the month before and the year before. Thinking about all this made me realize: I have to practice.

A funny thing happened when I started to work on, or practice, some of the things that I was doing on a daily basis. I found that I was practicing the wrong thing. Practicing the same thing over and over, and getting the same results, and wondering why things weren’t changing.

I had to take a good, long look at all the things I was doing, and then I had to start to practice doing it a different way. A better way. I took some time to write down the things that weren’t going the way I was planning on them to go. I also wrote down the results that I wasn’t getting. From this list, I was able to pinpoint some of my habits that needed to change. Here are my top three:

  • Having too many things to do or accomplish at one time
  • HR or anything related to human resources
  • Accepting certain things that I couldn’t change

I read once that we all have way too many things do. And most of those things contribute nothing to help us in actually reaching our goals. NOTHING! We simply make them up to do them as busy work, because we “think” we have to do them. When I really analyzed all the little “to do” things that I was doing, —practicing—I saw that they were taking up way too much of my time and causing me to be busy, but in the wrong way. I had to start practicing a different way.

If someone would have told me that a good portion of my time running a company would be in HR, I would have taken a few more HR classes and a lot more psych classes! I have a hard time seeing things through my employee’s eyes and I probably always will. I have to practice new ways of creating a great environment in our company. I know we won’t ever have everything perfect in HR, but I have to really try hard to learn how to be better at it. Practicing it the wrong way could have disastrous results.

At the end of the day, I usually look back and wonder how I could have changed something to have had a different result. I worry if I said something wrong, if I was taken out of context, if I made a bad impression, etc. I want the outcome to be different, but sometimes it just can’t be. I have to learn how to accept that. Because for the last few years—well, lets face it, all my life—I have wanted people to love my company! But the more we grow into new fields, the more I have to accept the fact that we aren’t for everybody. That we won’t be the company that gets that one bid, or that one phone call or that one key event. And there is nothing I can do about it. Practicing this will be hard, really hard. My brain isn’t wired this way. So each and every day I will have to remind myself that I can’t make everything better and I have to focus on the results we are getting now!

I imagine that you might be practicing a few things yourself that might not be getting you the results you want. Why not take some time to really think about what you are doing, and see if you need to practice it a different way? Look at it from a different angle. Who knows what great changes you might make?

Jason Weldon is a wedding business consultant who specializes in small to medium-sized companies that want to grow their business. His objective is to help guide people through organizing their thoughts and laying the groundwork for a better, more successful start up. He currently lives in Philadelphia and is also the president of Synergetic Sound and Lighting, Inc. and DJ and A/V company.


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