The Records Keep Spinnin’

March 10, 2008 by Steve Sharp

The records keep spinnin’

In no particular order, let’s sift through the files on the desktop, and see what’s going to be burning ‘em up this summer.

Our first two are both reggae-fueled:

Sean Kingston – “Beautiful Girl”. Built around a sample of “Stand By Me,” this is a cute, bouncy pop gem that should connect well on a radio near you.

Kat Deluna with Elephant Man “Whine Up”. An agressive club jam, based in both dancehall and deep house sonically, with the drive to be this summer’s answer to “Culo”, and like that song from a couple summers ago, is also bilingual. Elephant Man adds his rap flair and reggae credibility, making it extra hot.

Dance crazes?

Cupid – “Cupid Shuffle.” Hailing from the south, Cupid has a novelty hit on his hands with a simple dance that appears to be on the rise. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s not bad, and I like having something at a fast pace to play (142 BPM).

Wine-O with U.N.K. – “Hokey Pokey” I’m really hoping this one doesn’t take off. SLOW-beat hip hop of the corny variety, but I fear it will. You have been warned.

50 Cent – “Amusement Park”. We’re already up to the second single from 50’s current album, and it’s typical. Think “Candy Shop” with a different analogy.

Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”. Her “B’Day” album has been surprisingly strong, and Ms. Knowles has really “went for it” vocally on this album in ways she hadn’t previously. While stretching her range was annoying on “Ring The Alarm”, this time it works much better. A catchy, bouncy backbeat never hurts, either.

Amy Winehouse – “Rehab”. What is soul? In the hip hop era I don’t know anymore. Amy Winehouse is the toast of the U.K. right now, and it’s partly her music, and partly her persona (not unlike the U.S.). She’s a hard-partying, hard-drinking, tatted singer who favors 60’s soul, versus more modern sounds. It’s a good sound, but modern too, lyrically. “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ‘no no no'”. Catchy! (Slight) remix with Jay-Z on it, but stick with the original.

Sum 41 – “Underclass Hero”. I like this song, but mostly because I LOVE their song “Fat Lip” from a few years back, and this is JUST like it.

Puddle Of Mudd – “Famous”. Straightforward rock winner, without the salicious lyrics that made “Blurry” or “She Hates Me” big hits. Rocks hard, and shows with this band is made of. Reminds me of Velvet Revolver.

Michael Buble – “Everything”. Michael has done standards so well that Rod Stewart should hang his head in shame. Michael is now branching out musically, and it works very well. This is a mid- tempo love song that doesn’t “dance” really, but it’ll brighten up a room nicely.

Chris Brown – “Wall To Wall”. Chris is the clear front-runner in the “next Usher” sweepstakes, and might just overtake Usher, as he’s been very prolific, and Usher isn’t. He’s got the looks, the dance moves, the voice, and the production that makes ‘em go for him, big time. Does he have the abs, too? I haven’t looked.

R. Kelly & Usher – “Same Girl”. Speaking of Usher, and prolific… If Usher isn’t, R. Kelly IS prolific, and this ballad, full of the drama that makes both men the hitmakers they are should satisfy the appetites of fans of both of them. But please: don’t go any further than a part 2, at most.

Fergie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. A shrewd and bold move for the latest Fergie single. Prior to being the female Black Eyed Pea, Stacy Ferguson was part of the pop diva trio Wild Orchid. This latest single is aimed squarely at pop audiences. The video shows no Will.I.Am, instead showing a punk-looking band behind Fergie, and a scruffy, tatted love interest. A melancholy moment that’s very well done.

Ozomatli – “After Party”. If I were making bets, this one is my “long shot”. But sometimes the long shot is the one you really wanted to make it, but didn’t think could, you know? Ozomatli is a highly-underrated Southern California band that has bubbled under the radar for several years. Their music is what gumbo would be, if gumbo were a musical style that originated in California. They’re just fun!

Steve Sharp is a DJ in Southern California who has been spinning since 1981. In addition to running his own successful single-op business, Signature Entertainment, he also creates a weekly radio remix show for Bo’s Saturday Night Party on B95.1 FM. Steve is one of the few people who can not only play the hits, but gets involved in the story behind them and can often tell you who produced, directed and published the song and how their actions affect the music industry.

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