The “PUKE VOICE” Wedding Intro

August 3, 2016 by Aaron Demarest

Ever listen to the radio and hear a DJ use such inflection in their voice that it drives you to want to run your car into an embankment? Or maybe you’re just home from a late night gig and you see the infomercial blue screen while flipping through the channels and hear “GET ONE NOW or CALL NOW!” from that infamous used car salesman?

When people think DJ, the radio is probably the most common thought. Either that or the EDM guy doing jumping jacks in front of his Macbook pro. But what about wedding DJs? In my review of several intro videos, I began to think about how I do my own introductions. Yes, they can be high energy or conservative when needed. But one thing holds true, the PUKE VOICE never sees the light of day. Puke Voice is that over enhancement that many DJs use when introducing someone letting their pitch go up and down dramatically when spoken. This may sound good when Drew Carey is getting introduced on the price is right but picture that type of introduction done a dozen times in a row at a wedding. Pretty tough to listen to.

When you try to push your voice to do something it’s not accustomed to doing, it sounds forced and canned. Not everyone can sound like Michael Buffer. Only Michael Buffer can do that. His voice is his calling card. And your voice is yours. You can add a dash of color with the tone and timbre of your voice. Getting a vocal coach for a few lessons in proper breathing and warm-ups might lend a hand and add some value to your emcee bag of tricks.

So how do you combat puke voice for your intros? Use non-repetitive phrases before each introduction. Here’s an example.

Please put your hands together for Grandparents of the Bride, Sophia and Donald.
Let’s give a warm welcome to Grandparents of the groom Eunice and Bartholemew
Please help me welcome parents of the bride Marcia and Keith
And so on.

By having to think of a new phrase before each couple, it forces you to really pay attention to what you are saying and how you are saying it so that your introductions don’t sound over embellished or monotone. So let your creative juices fly and give it a shot at your next wedding and leave puke voice to the sham-wow commercial.

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