The Proper Use of Urgency

March 21, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

The wedding industry is unique because wedding couples are an easily identifiable audience. Once the date of the wedding is finalized, the clock starts ticking. You don’t have to create the need for your DJ & entertainment services because it’s an important part in most weddings.


Planning is an emotional process for wedding clients; they’re inspired by beauty, originality, the right personality, and other factors that can result in an impulsive decision. While many clients are on a budget, there are several ways to encourage them to spend more using the logic of the wedding day being a once in a lifetime event and that they need to preserve the memory while impressing their guests. As a DJ, you need to use urgency to push your sales.

Urgency can quickly turn a browser into a buyer and brings out the strongest motivational factor in decision making: the fear of loss.

Here are a two examples of how to use urgency:
1. Supply vs. demand. Let’s say your wedding client is getting married during a busy wedding month and on a Saturday afternoon or evening. You could easily emphasize that not making an immediate decision can result in someone else booking your DJ & entertainment services for that night.

2. Time is of the essence. If you’re providing a service that requires special ordering or customization, such as MCing the event, a custom lighting package, or any other add-on services, your angle for urgency is when the wedding couples reaches out to you for your services closer to their wedding date. Emphasize your need for ample time to prepare in order to ensure that their bid day goes smoothly. Stressing this can help you close sales.

Always remember to use your best judgment.  The use of urgency to close sales should be done in a truthful and tactful manner. If a client comes to you a year in advance for a wedding that is happening on a Friday in January, urgency isn’t as important.  When emphasizing urgency, use common sense. Otherwise you may risk overwhelming the client and pushing them to use another vendor.

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