The Photo Booth Phenomenon – Rob Savickis

December 7, 2016 by Mobile Beat

175-6-7The last 10 years have been an exciting time for the photo booth industry. In 2006 photo booths at weddings were a novelty, if not a rarity. Some people had them, but one did not expect to go to a wedding as a guest and walk away with a photo booth strip.

Fast-forward to 2016 and by some reports, the majority of weddings now have photo booths. Photo booths are now an essential part of the whole wedding experience. Without them it would feel like something is missing.

Some people say that photo booths are a fad, but that could not be farther from the truth. The continuing growth of the photo booth phenomena can be traced to four main factors that transformed the industry:

1) Advancements in computer, software and printer technologies that for the first time allowed photo booths to be transported easily from event to event, rather than being permanently stationed in one location.

2) The explosion of social media in which self portraits and photographic expressions in general have become an essential part of our society.

3) The 2008-2009 recession which forced both disc jockeys and photogra- phers, as well as other wedding and event professionals, to find new revenue streams.

4) The evolution of photo booths as a form of entertainment. In the distant past people went into photo booths to get their pictures taken. Today, the most successful companies are those that can entertain people and, most important- ly, make them laugh, which comes out in the final product.

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