The Perfect Mate for Ceremonies

August 12, 2016 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

Ihave found a new favorite sound system for ceremonies: the S600B by Carvin. To put it simply, two of them, with or without tripods, are nearly the perfect sound system for a 100-150 person outdoor ceremony.172-3435

On the back of the Carvin S600 is a 6-channel mixer, with inputs ranging from XLR to 1/4”. It also features Bluetooth connectivity. For ceremony sound, I was using the pre/post music from my iPhone connected via Bluetooth (channel 6), taking a CD player into channel 5, using the optional UX-600 built-in wireless mic, along with a regular microphone in the first channel as a backup. The UX-600 worked very smoothly. We used the handheld microphone, but lav, headset and other options exist. As for outputs, it can chain out to other powered systems like the a second S600B, a sub or other full-range speakers. You can even charge your phone or tablet on the USB port.

It is 2x 200-watt system, where the internal speaker power only pulls 150 watts. A passive speaker is available to use up most of the other available wattage. A matching sub is available that can also work off of it in a cool configuration if you need low end. That amp powers four 3.5” mid/high end drivers and an 8” low- frequency driver, all lined up in a column array system.

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