The NSA is Listening Are You?

January 15, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

I’ve made it one of my goals for 2018 to really invest in some diverse training and learning. This past Saturday I took some time to attend a seminar hosted by the NSA (not the spying one) in Boston. The National Speakers Association is for persons who have a career in public speaking. Most of it’s members tour nationally, are keynote speakers at conventions and are authors.

The seminar I attended focused on developing your message, getting published and growing your speaking business. The keynote speaker (Mark Lindquist) had taken his business from $10K per year to $250K per year in just three years. Many of the concepts, strategies and ideas discussed parallel the DJ industry. Professional public speakers focus on captivating their audience, taking them on a journey and leaving them feeling better than when they came in the room. Isn’t that exactly what we DJ’s try to accomplish at our events?

I received some great nuggets of information at the seminar that I could quickly apply to my DJ business. The best part of the day was sitting in a room talking and networking with professionals in a similar field. Putting yourself in a different learning environment is a key way to grow yourself and your business.

One of lecturers Susan Keane Baker focuses solely on speaking to the health care industry. She has published several books and gave each attendee a copy of her latest book Split Second Kindness. This little book deals directly with how health care professionals should interact with their patients. If you replace the word patient with the word client, the book instantly becomes a handy little sales tool.

The book’s concepts are simple and direct, but definitely make you stop and think. Here are some of the more noteworthy ideas expressed in Split Second Kindness.
1. Do you offer your clients a quiet, comfortable meeting space?
2. Do you use words and gestures that motivate and reassure them?
3. Does your body language show that you’re interested in what they have to say?
4. Do you offer quick and positive solutions to any issues they are having with planning their event?

5.Do you let your clients know how thankful you are for their business?

The National Speakers Association is just one avenue you can use to expand your skills and knowledge this year. They have chapters all over the USA. Most chapters allow you to attend one meeting for free and buy guest tickets to special events like the seminar I attended at a discounted rate. The idea is to try something new and different.
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