The Non-Secret Formula that Makes a Great Salesperson

December 5, 2016 by Jeffrey Gitomer

• Why are salespeople great? 175-14-15
• What makes salespeople successful?
• What characteristics make up a sales superstar?
• Wouldn’t you like to know the answer to these questions?

So would every salesperson.
So would every sales leader.
So would every person who hires a salesperson.

By understanding what criteria sales managers and business owners look for in a salesperson, you may be able to determine how those characteristics fit into your own personal success formula.

Everybody tells me they wanna hire a great salesperson. They go through the expensive gyrations of outsourcing, in- sourcing, testing, interviewing and finally hiring. Then they train with some intensive orientation and a week or two of product sales skills, investing all the while in their hopeful rookie. Yet the turnover rate of sales- people is pegged at 74% in the first year. So evidently, there’s a gap between who you think is great, and who is actually great.

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