The Moving Line in the Sand

August 15, 2016 by Ben Stowe, CTS

We all have a line in the sand, and sometimes we move it around to suit our given position. I’ve noticed a lot of this within the DJ industry lately. On one hand, a DJ might post a picture of a competitor’s set-up on an industry forum, and do so for the purpose of mocking the inferiority of it. Then, in the next post he will take offense when someone recommends doing something superior to what he’s doing with his own setup.172-2627

It’s caused me to think a bit about the qualifier, “just fine.” They say, “I do this and it’ s just fine.” Just fine for whom? Just fine for you? Just fine for your clients? What if what the “inferior” DJ is doing is “just fine” for their clients? Or is “just fine” for them? How does one qualify what is “just fine”? Why is it OK to lower the bar, but not OK for someone to lower it further? Or, put another way, why do we resist raising the bar if it is higher than where we have it set?

George Carlin said, “Have you ever noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac?”

Right about now, I’m betting some people reading this are noticing a temperature rise. Their blood might be starting to boil. If that’s you, I would urge you to ask yourself why that’s the case. If it’s hitting pretty close to home, then you should definitely read on. Growth comes from leaving our comfort zone.

Now, while “just fine” is a very subjective term I’m going to try to provide a little scientific contrast. Recently, I saw a post where a DJ said that a $10 25-foot XLR cable was “just fine.” I noted that I, personally, wouldn’t use that cable. I know what is in a $10 cable, and I have my reasons for not using it. Not the least of which being it’s vulnerability to noise, and more importantly failure. I didn’t comment in the thread though, because his “just fine” and my “just fine” are “just different.”

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