The Million DJ March hits Washington!

June 9, 2008 by Mobile Beat

On August 30, 2008 DJs will descend on Washington to celebrate decades of service to the entertainment industry. They will listen to speeches from leaders of music groups, founding DJs, and Civil Rights activists all on the dawn of a new election year.The March and activities will take place from August 28- 30, 2008 in Washington DC, with the actual rally taking place on the 30 at 10 am, on the National Mall, extending from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument. Disc jockeys will gather from all over the world to discuss the current state of the DJ, and highlight the true integral importance of their role.

The organizer of the historic event, A. Shaw, felt compelled to address her concern for DJs after noticing they weren’t often adequately compensated for their time, effort and dedication in working with labels, promoters and artists. “DJ’s do not get recognized for the work that they do. Labels and major businesses who reap the rewards of default publicity, need to pay more attention and give more recognition to DJ’s for the promotion they provide,” she said. The march, which has already been approved by both civil rights activist and those who founded the Million Man March, has already caught the attention of thousands of DJs and DJ organizations. The Million DJ March will express the history of the culture and show appreciation to the people that are truly the backbone of the music and entertainment.

“DJs are the middlemen in the success of the industry. They are the filters that help the economy of many markets. DJs are the least compensated in the industry element. No matter how many write ups DJs obtain, no matter how many tours they grace, they seem to stay on the same level. It seems that the DJs are a culture of sorts that is segregated by parts of the industry. I am calling on the industry to show support of an event to unify DJs and create future economic safety for these people. The Million DJ March will be the conclusion to a long road of requests from many markets to aid in our mission of security.” The event will also introduce a new DJ union, developed to protect those who chose this art form as a career. This movement will help set the industry standards for all DJs, while protecting the incomes of those already established, and providing goals for upcoming DJ’s. While this is not the sole point of the march, it is an example of many points the Conference of the March will focus on.
The Foundation Magazine, the first and only full-size mixtape magazine, has been selected as the official magazine of the event. More information can be found at
Portions of the proceeds will aid in the rebuilding of areas affected by Hurricane Katrina and organizations to help fight breast cancer.
Conference Registration will begin March 1, 2008.
More information and mailing list registration can be found by visiting:
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The Million DJ March
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