The Magical, Musical Unicorn List

June 13, 2017 by Staci Nichols

C’mon Staci…isn’t everyone else already doing this?” Ehhh…if they are doing it, they likely are not doing it well. Let’s not allow PopSugar and BuzzFeed to beat us at our own game (they make tons of popular wedding playlists on Pinterest). DJs make better playlists than bloggers, right? Well, we will now!

The internet has started burping up generic Garter Toss and Cake Cutting song playlists because it is too full of them. You are going to have to dig deeper. The single most popular playlist I ever created was “34 Gringo-Friendly Spanish Dance Songs for an Intercultural Mexican Wedding.” Is that specific enough for you? This playlist has generated 4,753 hits to my website in the last 30 days (800 of those on Cinco de Mayo). My other superstars are: 2) “Spanish Mother- Son Dance Songs,” 3) “The Ultimate Eclectic, Rustic, Indie, Feel-Good Wedding Playlist,” 4) “Boudoir Playlist: The Perfect Music for Your Sexy Photo Shoot,” and 5) “The Ultimate 90s R&B Wedding Playlist.” Ask yourself, “What is the playlist that /i/ only I /i/ could create?” This is your “unicorn” playlist. Maybe it’s “7 Overlooked Death Metal Jams for Your Wedding.” Maybe it’s “The Geek’s Movie Score Playlist for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour.” I’ll tell you what it isn’t: “10 Country Father-Daughter Dance Songs.” Nope. Someone get the internet some Pepto!

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