The Magic Business Card

September 8, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro


Your personal business card is a vital representation of who you are and what you do. Crammed onto a tiny rectangle is a carefully crafted message that will hopefully inspire someone to hire you. Are business cards just a sales tool? Can a business card change your life? Your personal business card should be more than just the who, what, when, where and how of your company. It can define your whole life and how others perceive you.

In my last article I spoke about the “Law of Attraction”. Taking the things you want in life and making a positive effort to open yourself up and let them in. Send those wishes, dreams and desires out to the universe so you can live the life you have always wanted. How can your business card help you achieve that life? Sometimes it takes an army.succeed-passion

Think of your business card as a personal mission and vision statement. Every time you hand a card out, you are telling the world who you are. More importantly, you want everyone to BELIEVE it! Each time you hand out a personal business card you are building an army of followers who believe you are every bit the person that is on your card. That is a powerful statement. Read it again.

Creating your magic business card requires some honest thought and a little imagination. Ask yourself these questions: What do I desire most? What job(s) have I always wanted? What is the most amazing version of me? What am I most passionate about? The answers may surprise you. The main reasons we let go of our dreams are fear of failure and ridicule from others in our life. We settle for a life less fulfilling because it is safe.

Embrace failure as part of the path to success and living an amazing life. Sometimes it takes 100 “NOs” to get that very important “YES”. Become the person you have always wanted to be and  live the life you’ve always dreamed of. The only boundaries we have are the ones we create. Lemagic-business-cardt your Magic Business Card lead the way. Need help getting started? Please reach out anytime. Contact me at:

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