The lost art of the “Mix Tape”

January 12, 2011 by Ric Hansen

As DJs we were the first to adopt the idea of a “MIX TAPE” .  I t wasn’t a format we could readily use at gigs but it allowed us the creative expression using the what we were most passionate about.  MUSIC.    The “Mix Tape” was more than a composite of songs put on a cassette tape.  What it became was an audio signature.  A representation of the musical tastes of its creator.   The cassette tape format was the first time their was an opportunity to record, and play back all the songs of your choice.  A portable, create-able  combination of songs.  It was the first opportunity to build your own  “playlist”.  Music on records, reel to reel tape, or 8 tracks couldn’t provide the unique combination of songs that expressed our individual music tastes.  And lets face it….we all think our music tastes and choices are quite frankly the BEST.  Alas the creation of the little mini “reel to reel” with recordable tape in an easy to pop in plastic container.   The  recordable cassette.   A creative break through for the masses.   Now for the first time we had the opportunity to pick all the songs we loved and represented who we were and  what amazing taste we had.   To share it with others was our gift to them.  There were a wide variety of reasons to create the “Mix Tape” :  The sound track for the perfect party, the rowdy road trip, a gift for family or friend, or (oh yea) the “Make-Out” “Mix Tape”.  Chances are you have an old mix tape or two kicking around, reminding you of the pre-digital days of music.  They’re Probably gathering dust having made way for its cooler even more portable and sharable I-POD playlists.

But wait.  A breakthrough.  Now a product that combines the magic of the 80’s mix tape and the quality and portability of the digital world we live in.  Ya gotta love it. See the details on the USB “Mix Tape” below.

CONTEST: In the true spirit of the “Mix Tape” I want to pass along my creation to one lucky winner.  A 90 minute USB Mix Tape that includes my  eclectic combination of  favorites.  A true treasure.  To enter just click “Like” on my Radio Parties Facebook Fan Page, and you are in for the big drawing.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday (MLK day) so enter now!!!

Or if you want more on getting your own  USB MIX TAPE check this out.

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