The Look Of Truss, Without The Bus

November 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

Trussing is becoming a major addition to themb152_098 setups of many DJs. And, while plenty of other DJs would like the look of a nicely scrimmed truss for their event, many just don’t have the space to transport and store full-sized truss.

Now, Odyssey has come up with a solution to this dilemma, with the addition of Light Columns to their Scrim Werks line. Available in 1′ to 10′ sections, ScrimWerks Light Columns consist of a base plate, a top plate, four support poles (all polished aluminum), and of course, white scrim.

I used them in many configurations, including as just lighted columns (corporate event), as unscrimmed columns (school dance), and of course as lighted and scrimmed supports for small-scale led moving heads, and LED Blinders (ACLs).

In any configuration, the Light Columns were straightforward, lightweight, and an easy, time-saving addition to my setups. In fact, for two of the shows I used them on, I left the columns put together, and they held up well to the demands of transport, load-in, load-out, and of course, the show. For the other two events, I used the “space saver” method and took the columns apart.

The scrim itself was rather easy to put on by myself, and came in protective carrying cases, so that the white fabric can stay clean and avoid getting what I refer to as “pinch-holes,” which are commonly seen on scrim that is left on during transport.

I do want to clarify that Light Columns are not full-scale trussing. Instead, they are a decorative alternative to full-scale trussing, and they are designed to hold a moving head on top of the column.

If you are looking at adding a more decorative look and cleaning up your shows, while not adding a complete truss system to your arsenal, Odyssey Scrim Werks Light Columns may be just the thing you need.

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