The Little Things Part 1

December 3, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

How often do you tell your loved ones, the people in your family or in your inner circle that they are appreciated?

Last year on Mother’s Day I took my family out for ice cream after a nice brunch at a local venue. We stopped by the Midwest stalwart fast food chain Culver’s, well known for their frozen custard. The restaurant handed out a carnation to my wife, saying “Happy Mother’s Day”. That was such a nice gesture, and went above and beyond in my book for customer service. It’s the little things that we do from a custom service standpoint that mean so much. It shows you care, that you gave that extra ounce of effort, if you will, that puts it over the top. What are some ways you can show you care through customer service that’s going to put that smile on your client’s face and have them think that you are going above and beyond in your service?

Note: it DOESN’T have to be something physical. It could just be remembering something that they said in their initial conversation with you that you bring up at your next meeting. There are lots of little ways to show you care that don’t have to come up from a conjured marketing campaign and expenditures. We’ll continue next week with 5 ways to show you care and give you direct ideas for how to impact in a big way.

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